A Search Service lets you type in your phrase and then it looks through its index of web sites for a match.  This is better if you are looking for something very specific, such as a company's web site or information on a health problem.  

A Subject Guide provides a list of subjects which you go through to find the information you are looking for.  This is better if you are just interested in browsing through and seeing what's available, such as looking for magazines on the web or web sites about gardening. 

Note that many of these Search Services are also Subject Guides.  Most search services also allow you to search for pictures and photos -- just click on the "Images" option.

Search Services

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Subject Guides

Name, Address, and Telephone Directories

See also the Business page for other name and address directories.  Note that most directories take their listings from telephone listings.  Different directories will likely have different information, and unlisted telephone numbers and addresses will probably not be found online.

Updated April 29, 2009.

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